V-Fluid Edit

Viscoulipid-bacterinanite solution, or otherwise known as "V-Fluid" is a biological weapon created and synthesized in the underground labs of the SMI Bio-Research and Medical Engineering branch. Its construction is -​CLASSIFIED​- and only know by one individual, ​=REDACTED=​. Its original purpose was for precise treatment of wounds and very tedious surgery, but was however adopted as a ​L-9​ Project by the SMI Military Technology branch. Its first prototype was tested, however the demonstration was a failure as it melted through its container and absorbed a militant before assuming a form of its own and escaping into the ventilation shafts without a trace. Its second prototype tested however was a success, a proper communication device was -​CLASSIFIED​- and was soon put into weaponization before its final assignment base is the SMI Superweapons branch located on ​=REDACTED=​.

Purpose Edit

V-Fluid is being tested by the SMI Superweapons branch to be surgically directed by either a drone or a marker for the fluid to follow. Using such a method may eliminate the use of the Spec Ops Platoon in otherwise inhospitable conditions.

So far V-Fluid can melt through, become, or mimic anything it is targeted at.


Further information is pending approval by SMI representatives.

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