What is Sevlovon Manufacturing Edit

Incorporation? Edit

Sevlovon Manufacturing Incorporation, or better known and pronounced as S.M.I. is a highly advanced, yet secretive technological company scattered across the systems. SMI will be incorporated into an upcoming game and will find itself referenced in other gaming areas as well.

Overview Edit

SMI at its core is a mostly passive company with it's own military, technology, and brandings practically making it its own self-fulfilling faction. SMI is divided into many sub-companies, or branches, though four of those branches make up it's true structure.

The Sub-Companies Edit

Each sub-company and branch has its own purpose and its own job to support each other as a whole. All four of the main branches of SMI are:

  1. SSO : Sevlovon Space Organization
  2. SBR : Sevlovon Biological Research
  3. SLI  : Sevlovon Luxury Imports
  4. SMB : Sevlovon Military Branch

And sub-companies include:

  • Superweapons
  • Research and Development
  • Radiative Technology
  • Famoo - Genetically Enhanced Groceries
  • Advanced Solar Technology

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